20 Years of Premium Service

Physicians and medical professionals in every specialty have counted on the services offered by MediTrans America for the last 20 years. With customer satisfaction and fast, accurate, and clear transcriptions as our main focus, we have taken the transcription burden away from our clients and provided them with quality transcription done by helpful, respectful, and fully trained transcriptionists.

MediTrans America offers a 24-hour toll-free telephone number for dictation, eliminating the need to purchase equipment, and we also handle internet audio files, cassette recordings, and faxed-in or couriered materials. Transmissions are done by E-mail, PCAnywhere, Courier, FTP site, or Fax


A HIPAA-compliant transcription service, MediTrans America never outsources any dictation/transcription work to anywhere outside the United States. We take pride in offering work to high-quality American transcriptionists, who share our mission of premium customer service and are available to send reports whether it is Monday, Saturday, or New Year’s Day. MediTrans America takes pride in hiring only loyal, helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable staff with full understanding of the appropriate way to handle confidential information and the ability to maintain consistency in reports.




Our turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours to deliver accurate reports with personal attention to each of our dictators’ needs, and we offer bulk discount rates by volume, delivering the highest quality transcription with full knowledge of the importance of accuracy as it relates to the medical treatment of patients.

MediTrans America is able to service STAT dictation while offering our clients file archiving and system backup as well as job tracking systems. We also assist our clients with computer and software consulting. The transcriptions we deliver include complete editing services for style, grammar, spelling and punctuation. All reports are sent on letterhead macro to include macro signatures when required. Our medical language specialists are ready to handle your every transcription need, whether it is an overflow of temporary work, or transcription services on an ongoing basis.

Medical professionals who choose to employ their own transcriptionists are aware of the expenses of having to deal with employment requirements, limited work hours, taxes, vacation time, sick days, etc. – but choose this route because they like the personal attention from someone working in their office. MediTrans America delivers that same personal attention and devotion to each of our clients as if we were sitting right there in your office, relieving you of those employment hassles and costs, no matter what day or time it is. Each of our language specialists is dedicated to your individual preferences, with detail to your every need.